Need help with using 1 transformer for 4 similar devices

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Hi Everyone,

I have little to no experience with electric power calculating or anything in that field, however I have been tasked with figuring out the power needs of 4 electromagnetic locks for a cabinet locking system at a friends business. Let me explain the setup:

4 - Securitron MCL-24 Electromagnetic locks (Current Draw and Voltage per unit: 62mA at 24VDC only)

1 - Trine 017TDC-2 wireless receiver (spec is below

  • 12-24vdc
  • 5-30 Second Time Delay
  • One 5 amp "Normally Open" and "Normally Closed" contacts
  • Rated at 12 through 30 volts AC/DC)
2 - Trine 018-2 two button wireless transmitter

So the goal here is to have someone press the wireless keypad and have it unlock the electromagnetic locks. I want to put all of the locks onto 1 circuit that is connected to 1 power supply.

here are my questions:
1. Can I find 1 power supply to connect to the Trine Wireless Receiver and run all of the 4 electromagnetic locks off of that.

2. Is there are way to just have the wireless receiver connect the ground relay and not run all of that power through the receiver to the locks?
3. What power conditioner would I use?
4. What would be the total power needs with 4 of these locks connected to 1 power supply?

Thanks in advance for the help. I am really in over my head here and really appreciate any info.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

No one has chimed in, so I'll give you a feeble response, and my answer will pop you back to the top where the experts can give you the real answer.

HERE is the datasheet for the device you describe.

It seems that the "5 amp" doesn't refer to power needs of the device, but rather the maximum current for each of the relays.
If you look down a little on the sheet they show a wall wart (12-30 volt) with no mention of current requirements, so it's probably a fairly low draw.

If you look down still further, you see that they use the same wall wart to drive the controller and the strikers.

So if you add four strikers (4 x 62mA = 240 mA) and perhaps a 0.75 amp current requirement for the controller, you probably will do fine with a 24 volt 1 amp wall wart like this one

Now, let's wait for the experts.