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freddie belmont

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I need to switch live to neutral and neutral to live, All at the same time.

I have a 5 channel light controller 110volts 300watts a channel.

The controller goes back and forth.

I also have some light boxes wire live A.B.C.D.E -Nuetral

Thay are matrix to give a starburt or cartwheel effect, depending, where the live and neutral are EG: live chaser switching - A.B.C.D.E -Neutral = starburt effect


I'm using double pole double throw relays to control the switch over at present

I would like to replace the relay circuits
(I was told triac diac are the way to do it )

But do not have a circuit !

Can anyone help.
I need all the help i can get, (I can build it if I have a circuit to go on)

If you can help with just one of the channels, Live neural and neutral to live, at the same time.
I will times it by five.

Thank you for your time


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I'd just use 5 solid state relays like the SIR2s (zero voltage switching type) shown here . Choose for "control voltage" whatever you are using now for your relay coils. Pick the 6 or 10 amp model, normally open, with 120 vac output.

See the SSAC Catalog or search for other similar solid state relays on the web.

Having said that, you could make your own solid state relays using triacs and triac control circuits if you REALLY want or need to do that for some reason. You could use an moc3032 opto-isolator "zero crossing" triac driver to turn on and off the triac.

This doesn't show much about the input control except that you need Vcc (a 5vdc power source) and when pin 2 goes low the triac turns on. A typical control circuit would look like:
Rich (BB code):
 |    180                      180           
 +---/\/\/\----+-----+   +----/\/\/----------+-------> 120V
               |    1|   |6                  |         Hot
               |    +=====+                  | MT1
               |    | MOC | TRIAC           +-+
               |    | 3032| Driver        G | | TRIAC
               |    +=====+                /| |
        Q1     \    2|   |4               / +-+
        2N3904  |----+   |                |  | MT2
               /     |   +----------------+  |
              V      \                    |  |
              |      /                    \  |
              |      \ 43             10k /  |
              |      /                    \  |
              |      |                    /  |
              +------+                    |  |            Neutral
              |                           +--+---o    o--> 120V
              / Q2                                load
Ctrl >-/\/\--|  2N3904
The circuits like shown above would have to be adapted to your current voltage and control scheme. I recommend using the solid state relays - if you choose correctly it's a simple one-for-one swap for each relay or contactor you are presently using.