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    Mar 17, 2010
    hello,my friends.

    Recently, i am designing a circuit with PT100. what the requirements of the circuit are as follows:

    Temperature Range: 0-100°C.
    output range :1.0000V-1.9999V.
    resolution:0.01 °C.

    i have tried a lot of circuits, but thay all donnt work.

    could you plz me? thanks for your suggestion.
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    Feb 12, 2009
    There are many examples of circuits that will do this on the web.

    But, if you want to go back to basics: The PT100 temperature sensor has a resistance at 0 deg C of 100 ohms. At 100 deg C it's resistance is 138.51 ohms. Approximately linear in between - not quite actually.

    So let's have a standing current of 1mA passing through it. You need to keep current this as low as possible to reduce self-heating. Therefore the voltage across it will be 0.1V at 0deg C and 0.1385V at 100deg C.

    A voltage change of 0.0385V. You want a voltage change of 0.9999V on the output of your circuit. Call it 1.000V.

    So the voltage gain of your circuit will be 1/0.0385 = 25.974

    You can construct a typical non-inverting amplifier as in the attached circuit. The formula for gain is shown.

    To get the correct output voltage at 0deg C you will need a fixed offset.

    I would make the offset voltage and gain slightly adjustable and set it up on test. As I say, this is a very basic circuit and there are many things I have not taken into account: Offset voltage, temperature drift, input bias currents, reference voltages, etc. But it's a start!

    To make an accurate constant current of 1mA requires another op-amp but the simple way is to use a fixed resistor from, say, an accurate 12V supply. The voltage offset can be a voltage divider from the -12V supply.

    Attached: Simple circuit. Spreadsheet to play around with circuit values (sorry had to zip this).
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    Mar 17, 2010
    thanks for your suggestion. but i think it's very hard to design the circuit you recommended. As i know,the -0.0615V power is very hard to design, coz the voltage is too small.
    and could you tell me how you calculate the REF voltage -0.0615V?
    in fact, the resolution of the temperature is ok with 0.1C . in this case, could you give some suggestions? thankz very much!
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    Jul 17, 2007
    JDT already gave you the information you need to build one of those circuits.

    What were you expecting; for someone to built it for you and ship it to you?

    These forums don't work that way.