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Hello all
Please excuse my layman terms on the subject.

Here is what I am trying to achieve:
I need is to be able to light up 6 super bright high intensity LED’s that require 4v each.
Image a box with a hinged lid [like a toilet lid]… this device will attach to the underside of the lid… when the lid is closed the led’s will light for 3 minutes, If you lift the lid before the 3 minutes are up then the led’s will turn off. Otherwise if the lid remains closed the led’s will turn off after the 3 minutes are up .
Then to recycle the led’s… you would lift the lid and close it again to start the timer and light the led’s for another 3 minutes.

But the catch is I need to keep the dimensions within 3 inches long x 2 ½ inches wide x 3/8 deep. Also the battery life needs to last for 1 year if used for 30 minutes a day!

The LED’s Specs are HERE

The batteries I have chosen are HERE Not because I know anything about batteries, but because they fit in the specs and are 12v. I was able to get 3 weeks of steady run time using this battery but on 25 LEDs that were a 10th of a watt each so the total wattage was 2.5. With the new LEDs they will be 6 total watts 1 watt each

I have been looking at the 555 timer but was told to maybe try a microcontroller but I know even less about them.
Anyone think they can build it?
What is the best way to go?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?


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You can extend battery life if you pulse width modulate them, intensity will be lower but since they are only on a percentage of 'full' battery life is extended. Adjust the on to off ratio so it looks acceptable.

You can extend battery life if your PWM controls a mosfet that then turns on the LEDs (mosfets draw little current when off).

This is a resettable circuit that has all but the PWM part, see about a low current 555 timer for that.