Need help with power supply

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Julian wong

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Hi,i really need help on how to design a dual channel DC power supply that fulfills the following specifications :

1) Operation - User selection between independent adjustment for positive and negative output voltage, and series tracking mode (slave channel tracks the master channel)

2) Output voltage amplitude : 0-20V± 5%

3) Current limit : 0 - 1.5A± 10%

4) Powered Directly from main supply

5) Indications of power on, constant voltage and constant current mode

I really hope you guys will be able to help me and provide me with a schematic to achieve the above specifications..


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I believe you are confused on how our help is given.

YOU need to provide a schematic of the work you have done and the problem you encountered while doing so.

THEN we offer helpful suggestions and information to allow YOU to complete the work.


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Julian wong

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I found the circuit at this link but i want to know how to make the circuit to be able to produce an output voltage from 0 to 20V. Because the circuit can only produce an output voltage from 0 -15V. Can you give me some suggestions??and by the way i would like to appologize for my way of asking for help..i am quite confuse like what you said..and thanks for correcting me..=)


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Actually that circuit will provide 15V on either side of ground, so a total of up to 30V. Are you saying you need more range than that?