Need help with portable speaker system

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So i wanted to make a portable speaker sistem and i succeded.
It was a subwoofer with an integrated amplifier.
I just cut out the 220-240V~ Transformator and connected a 12V 60Ah battery to it. Everything was fine, it played like before when it was hooked to 230V.
But then i forgot to isolate a 12V cable and it touched some elements on the circuit board. It doesnt play now and i dont know which elements are fried and how to fix it. I dont know much about electronics or circuits and it would probably cost 40$+ to get this fixed by someone. If anyone has solutions or guides how should i attempt to fix this i would be greatfull. Because they dont make alot of good speakers with integrated amps and subwoofers, and i dont want to spend 100$+ on a new one.

Thanks! Pictures below.

The front (i drilled a hole for the 12V cables):

The back:

Sorry for some bad pic quality but i hope you can see everything.
If not i will make some new ones.


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I'm sure you're a wonderful person, but you haven't given us much to work with.

These HUGE photos are difficult to work with and, in spite of being HUGE, they are mostly out of focus so we can't read the part numbers.

In addition, "I shorted something" is so vague that nobody could guess what parts are bad.

Then there is the idea that we do not know what level of education or experience you have.

Do you have a meter to measure the parts? Can you solder? Do you know where to buy parts? What country are you in? Can you type in the brand name and model number? Do you have a schematic? Do you know where to find a schematic? Can you post a schematic? Can you draw a schematic? Can you read the part number on the IC? Can you read the numbers on the power transistors?

Annnd...Welcome to AAC. We're good, but we're not THAT good.


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The passive components are pretty rugged.

Check diodes for shorts. Because it's easy.

Replace the 4558 as it would affect both channels.

As both sides are dead the output devices (on heatsink) are probably ok.


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I have resized the pictures in your opening post.

Please keep the size of the posted pictures smaller (max 1024 for the largest side).
(there are still people who have dail-in or other slow connections).
You can always post links to the larger ones.