need help with PIC programming

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i need to program a PIC18F6680 thats a 64 pin quad surface mount. I want to programing with ICSP but im not exactly sure which pins or how many are needed. I assume i will need a rs232 to ttl converter correct? I really don't want to unsolder this bad boy to program it. Any ideas anyone?


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First you'll need a programmer. I use the ICD2. It's low cost and supports all microchip devices. Next, you'll need acccess to several pins as well (VCC, GND, PGC, PGD, MCLR). There's no need to desolder if you can locate nice connection points (vias or pins). Make the appropriate connections to the ICD2 and you should be golden...


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Look around the board - it may have the ICSP connection circuitry already in place. It's not unusual for the manufacturers to program the PIC after soldering it to the board.