Need help with ORCAD 9.2

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Hello, I am a student right now working towards my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology. Currently I am in Power Electronics and use Orcad Capture and PSPICE to do our labs. On my laptop, I have a copy of ORCAD Lite Family 9.2. I created the circuit for our lab and created a simulation profile, but when I try to run the simulation the first time, a message pops up. The message says, "Failed to update system. Please try REGEDIT." When I press okay, then try to run the simulation again, everything works. Is there something i could do to fix this problem? I am able to complete my lab, but getting this message is quite annoying.

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If you reinstall, be sure to copy all the work you've done and models you added as that information might not be there when you get done.

That is the easiest way to fix that problem. However, when was the last time you ran cleanup, checkdisk and defrag? If the program can't read where the registry entry was located, you could get the same error.