need help with led driver/soundboard for lightsaber

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Yes I'm planning on making my own custom led driver/ sound board for my son's and daughter's lightsabers that Im starting to build. The board has to be able to use both latching and momentary switch types for board activating and shut down. The led driver needs to have a 8-12 channels ( 2 FV?) for a extension/ retraction (scrolling or step) effect with smooth fade in/ out effect for each of the segments in led string blade on power up and down. A static shimmer / flicker or candle effect, a flash on clash effect. These need to be synced with the soundboard that can be programable with a power up/ down sound font ( when blade is turned on/off, an idle hum sound font, 3-6 random swing effects sound font triggered by 2 swing/ motion sensor ( one for horizontal swing and one for verticle swings), and 3-6 random clash effect sound fonts triggered by the clash sensor ( when the blade is struck against something or another blade) and have connections for a 1watt min. or above speaker. as well as 1-2 accent led pads for to customize or decorate their hilt. I plan on using 4AA batteries at 6 v. It has to fit into a 1.25 ID hilt and be no more than between 3 or 4 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width. Im not use to this kind of electronics and me being one handed makes it difficlut for me to design and fabricate a prototype myself so I will offer commission to anyone who is interested . A list of necessary parts or suggested parts list would be great too. Similar boards sell for around 100-150 but They do not do what Im looking for. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


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Cheers Mate :D

Oooh! Boy ! What an interesting project...

Are u starting from scrap ?
What knowledge do you have concerning electronics and micro controllers?

I too would love to build a light saber for the little devil we have running around wrecking everything he touches.
I'll help all I can. But we need to give this time for others to reply.
Don't will be done.


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This is intriguing . . . make no mistake though, this will be a relatively large and complex project and will definitely require a microcontroller, if for nothing else to save board space. This will also require a custom SMT board which you can make yourself if you want. This will probably cost you a lot more than $150 once you factor in parts, shipping, board-building, and paying someone to program a microcontroller (unless you are going to this yourself), etc. Not to deter you, just keep that in mind.

For the motion sensing, you'll probably need a gyroscope and/or accelerometer. I'm not sure how to detect clashing, though capacitive sensing, strain gauges, or detecting sudden decerellations comes to mind.

Some questions:

1) Could you provide a schematic or simple drawing of the total number of LEDs (with their respective colors), speakers, switches, etc. you're thinking about? The more you can show us what you're wanting to do, the better we can help.

2) Are you going to use an existing light saber or are you planning to make one from scratch?

3) Do you have a deadline when you want this done?

4) It might be worth looking at these ready-made boards and hacking them to do what you want. Could you post some links to them?

I don't have the time right now to dedicate to this fully, but I'll help where I can.


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What microcontroller, and what programming language?

A 4AA battery holder (two by two => :: ), is 1 7/16" across the diagonal, and 2 1/4" long. That leaves 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" for the pcb?

The leds are color (rgb) type? TI and NXP make 24 bit (i.e. channels) PWM controllers for 8 rgb leds. Take a gander at Mouser, Digikey, Newark to find them.

Here is a cheap 3-axis accelerometer MMA8450 for the motion and position sensing. Its been a while since I've had a crack at soldering DFN style chips, first go around was a disaster.

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thanks guys and keep it coming. when I get out of class tonight, I'll post what you all have asked about ( sketch, components, leds ect.). and address each one of your questions