need help with function generator

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just started with eet programs, need help understanding the sweep function: width, rate, what does it do, how? how does it affect my other outputs, what does it do in a oscilloscope


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The sweep function is used to test the frequency response of a circuit. You select the limits of the frequency sweep to match the frequency range you want to test. The sweep rate determines how long it takes to go from the low to the high frequency limits. Too high a sweep rate can reduce the accuracy of your measurement.

Normally you trigger the oscilloscope with the trigger from the sweep generator and observer the circuit response with the oscilloscope. You adjust the oscilloscope sweep rate so that it matches the sweep rate of the generator.


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A simple but good exercise is to use a sweep generator to excite an RC network and see the response as a function of frequency on a scope. You can calibrate the settings, then see if the observed waveform matches what you think should be the response.