Need help with finding RFID reader & transponder

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Hi. I'm currently taking degree of electric engineering (power) and i'm a final year student. This semester im taking pre-thesis. Part of my analysis is to design & simulate automatic electrical system based on RFID.

Basically what this will do:
I touch an RFID card/transponder at the reader, it will turn on light,air-conds & projector in the room.
When i touch for the 2nd time, it will turn off all the above.

Since im an electrical student, i need help with looking the simple RIFD sensor/reader & RIFD transponder that can be simulated by Pspice or Matlab.
I managed to find some RIFD reader like Elektor RFID Reader but the circuit is too complicated to me.

Im really grateful on any help that u guys will give me. Thx for reading this
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