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I have a small 2" speaker with an attached sound circuit board that plays music and it is powered by (2) AA batteries. The voulme is too loud. I would like to be able to control the volume and turn the volume off. Can I use a potentiometer to do this? What value Potentiometer should I use? Where do I make the connections?

I have also considered adding in a photo cell that will turn the sound off at night. Is this posiible? What type and where do I get the part? How do I make the connections?

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Yes, you can use a potentiometer to control the volume, but you may need to connect it as a variable series resistor (to protect the circuitry on the PCB). The value of the pot and the way it would be best to connect it depends on the type of speaker (most likely permanent magnet speaker or piezoelectric speaker) and the impedance of the speaker.

What can you tell us about the speaker?

The photocell control would be a small project in itself. As Mik3 asked: Got a schematic?