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Hey ya'll!

I just began working on a hobby project but can't figure out which components are to used in my circuit. I'm dealing with a thing that'll show the motor cyclist his/her speed. I'm thinking about using:

  • a GPS (to register the speed)
  • 3 LEDs (that will show 3 different kinds of speed range). Green light = under speedlimit, yellow ligt = reaching speedlimit, red light = too fast.
  • Light sensor (to be able to raise or lower the power of the LEDS accordingly to day light or night)
  • Micro processor (coordination through programming)
What a don't know however, since my understanding of electrical circuits is quite limited, is whether I'm in need of more components (resistors, conductance, inductans etc.) or not and how to organize the circuit. I'm glad for any kind of respons.


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Hi Mosquera. Welcome to the forum!

I just want to warn you not to tie any of this in with the actual motorcycle itself--otherwise it would violate Allaboutcircuits' terms of use and this thread would be locked. PLEASE don't modify the motorcycle in any way... ;)

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There's an app like this for Android phones, but it uses Google database information for speed limits.

How would your device determine the speed limit for the area being passed through?

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Haha no certainly not. It's just a hobby project and my ambitions are not very high. The reason behind doing this is that I want to learn more about circuits but I don't really know how to build it. I'm in need of understanding whether to use more components than Batteri, GPS, LED, Light Detector and Micro Controller.


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That is a pretty ambitious project for someone that is relatively new to electronics.

Why don't you try something easier at first, like flashing an array of LEDs in various patterns?

We avoid automotive-related projects on this site. A large percentage of our members are beginning to intermediate level hobbyists. People at this skill level should not attempt any automotive-related projects; and this site does not allow for automotive modification topics at all.