Need help with Autopilot for Flight Simulator

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I am attempting to build an autopilot for a flight simulator and have some basic information. I am going to use rotary encoders and 7 segment led's to display altitude, heading, vertical speed and such. also will use buttons to turn on systems once data is input. My question is how to put this all together. I know very little about electronics. I am a quick learner and pretty handy so I think I can get it done. I have enclosed a picture of one and am wondering how to do something similar.

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As a suggestion, if you have the programming skills to interface this device, why not make it a virtual autopilot and set it on the computer monitor?

If it has to be in hardware, how are you planning to interface it into the computer, and then into the game? You have not only hardware to select and build, but interfacing and programming to perform.


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Flightsimguy - I understand your enthusiasm and interest. It sounds like a good project. What basic information do you have? Does the commercial autopilot box plug into a standard port, and does the FS program recognize the autopilot without a patch?

The point is that building a device is going to be disappointing if the FS program can't see it.