need help with april fools prank

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My idea for an april fools joke this year is to make a device which I strap to my hand and I can shock anybody I touch with static electricity.

I want it to be exactly like when you touch a doornob when you shuffled across the carpet--but I need some help...

My only idea so far is to use a capacitor with two terminals made of metal I tape to my finger to make it short circuit when it touches somebody's hand.

---Warning: Crappy ASCII Diagram below---

|--------------|------------| +
|--------------|-----------| -

It's obvious how my simple little idea works: there's two wires on my hand which are tied to a capacitor, and when somebody touches them, they short, and the circuit is completed and the electricity stored in the capacitor runs through the circuit, resulting in a small electric jolt... does anybody think this will work?