Need help with an R/C arduino transistor circuit

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    Dec 20, 2013
    Hi everyone I am pretty new to these forums but it looks like a good place for advice on circuit building.

    The concept for my circuit is that it will control the zoom in, out, and power functions on a digital camera via R/C radio transmitter. The transistors are acting as a digital switch replacing the physical buttons, since the camera will already have power. When the arduino receives a digital signal in 4,5 and 6 pins, it will sense that and send out a digital signal to the corresponding 2,3 or 4 pin and turn on the transistor allowing current to flow through the button on the camera.

    Here is a picture of the proposed circuit on a breadboard:


    I had one major question about the circuit before I start soldering anything:

    1. Does anyone know how R/C radio receivers work? I was thinking of supplying power and ground from the arduino to the battery input of the receiver. Then I would attach wires from the signal out line of 3 separate channels of the receiver to the digital pins 4,5 and 6. Will the arduino be able to read the signals on the digital pins when the remote control for that channel is actuated?

    If anyone could give me feedback on the circuit that would be awesome! If you have any questions let me know. Thanks!
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    what program do you use to make those pictures?
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    Check out this
    You can actually do all the wiring AND code and see it run without needing an arduino at all..