Need help with a Sequential Turn Signal for my 350Z

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Please read before you delete again

2. Any homemade wiring modifications to signal or head lighting, or penetrations through the fiewall are not for discussion. The lighting function is to too critical for non-approved wiring and connectors. Many safety issues are involved. Preventing chafing in wires passing through driver-made holes is impossible to guarantee.

this is not modifying a headlight or turn signal, the only stock function of this light is a reverse light which is being retained, im just looking to house the new ADDITION TO THE STOCK TURN SIGNAL... again, stock turn signals being retained. these are to add to the stock affect.

now on to the post:

i need plans for a Sequential Turn Signal for my 350Z. I need it to run off of my 12v car battery.

i want it to operate just like this one

but im going to be using an directional arrow or spaced vertical bars.

im thinking about 10 zones with a stagger effect leaving the previous 2 zones and the active zone on so there are constantly 3 zones lit as it moves across the housing.

i dont know if any of this is possible as i dont know much about making electronics... im good with a soldering iron and i can follow directions but i couldnt tell you what half of the symbols i see on this site mean.

please help me, i really need it because this is like reading Hebrew to me right now

Thank you


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If you really need it, you should buy a ready made and APPROVED set. Especially if you got the money for a 350Z I am sure you have the money to buy different lights.
Such homemade turn lights could dazzle and blind drivers behind you at night and I think that is illegal to change any part of lights in all civilized countries.
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