Need help with a regulated DC P/S for ecig/vaporizing devices

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Quick Backstory: I quit chewing tobacco and have started vaping. Before chewing tobacco I smoked, so it was an easy switch and I love it. Recently I started getting into sub ohm vaping or "Cloud Chasing" as it's also known. I understand the risks associated with it, and use Sony VTC5 batteries, don't drain the battery below 4v, and recharge frequently etc, but still there are risks associated with sub ohming. I would like to mitigate these risks by eliminating the battery altogether.

Project: I would like to build a regulated AC to DC powersupply with adjustable voltage and preferablly adjustable wattage that has at least 20amps (would prefer 30 though). I looked at getting a commercial unit, but they are expensive and heavier than hell. As this will be a stationary device to be used on a coffee table or computer desk, it doesn't have to be as small as a regular vapor mechanical mod, but it does need to be somewhat handheld. I was thinking about gutting a computer p/s, but I'm not sure if I can get the 20-30 amps I need to sub ohm with a .2 ohm coil. This doesn't need to be anything fancy, but I do plan on fabricating an attractive case or having something milled to put it in. Is something like this possible? If so where should I start.

Strangely I have yet to see something like this on the ecig market. They have passthrough devices, but they use a usb port which only has a 2amp output, and are not V/V, V/W. A device like this would not only eliminate exploding battery risks for cloud chasers, but would also eliminate battery voltage drop off, and constantly recharging their 18650 batteries.

Anyways, I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Once I've done enough research, and start on this project, I will create a tutorial of my build, for other cloud chasers concerned with safety, to utilize.