Need Help with a Deep-Discharge Circuit !

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    Dec 31, 2011
    Hello & Good day to everyone!

    I have put together a 'power-pack' from four 3.6v 18650 batteries having 14.4v in total... (in series at the moment, can change if needed...)

    I'm pretty new to electronics and have a few basic skills with soldering etc, what i am trying to make is a Circuit that stops my power-pack from deep discharge but to make it as simple as possible...

    Found this circuit below:

    (credit to D.Mohankumar!)

    But i need to augment the circuit to allow for 14.4v battery pack, How do i do this & where do i start ? (what equations do i need here :confused:) I am learning as i go but the only way i learn is to kinda immerse myself in the deep-end!

    Eventually i need the power-pack to emit 8v and no more than 200mA, would i be able to incorporate both circuits in one ? (Deep-Discharge Preventative circuit + voltage drop circuit) ???

    I have the following:

    - medium selection of voltage regulator semiconductors
    - selection of resistors
    - selection of capacitors (ceramic & electrolytic only)
    - selection of transistors (NPN & PNP)
    - Four 18650 type 3.6v batteries
    - Breadboard
    - A Fast-Study-Mind ! (lol)

    Please could anyone help me get closer to finishing off this project ?

    A Great Many many thanks in advance for any/all help received !
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    I'm not sure that I fully understand what you wish to do. If the battery has a 14.4 voltage at full charge, do you wish to stop the discharge when the voltage drops to 8V? Do you also wish to limit the discharge current to 200mA?
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