Need help with a DAC (Wolfson -WM8718)

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    Oct 30, 2009
    Hello, I am working on a project.
    I am trying to connect a microcontroller (PIC24fj256ga110 from microchip )
    to a digital to analog converter (Wolfson WM8718)

    ( I chose this DAC because it seemed like it would give me a better audio output then the others I found, and the audio output is important for me at the moment. I will change the PIC to a DSPic, but I am only at the testing period right now [​IMG] )

    I am slightly confused because this is the first DAC I have worked with that has a serial data input instead of parallel data inputs.
    as you can see from the schematic I drew, I figured out most of it ( or at least I think I have [​IMG] )

    DIN I guess I can connect it straight to an I/O of the microcontroller,
    the SDIN to the "SDOx: Serial Data Output" of the microcontroller (page 171) And
    SCLK to "SCKx: Shift Clock Input or Output" of the microcontroller (page 171 of the microcontroller datasheet).
    But I have a hard time figuring out where to connect the Latch pin ( pin 13 of the D/A)

    ....LRCIN, MCLK, BCKIN, ZeroCR and Zero CL (I am clueless about these pins [​IMG] )

    Do I have to use all these pins ?( from what I understood from the datasheet of the DAC, if I use the software I/F controls I don't have to use the audio serial data interface I/F, but then again I could be mistaken.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance for any advice and help. [​IMG]

    PS: I know I write very small, if anyone has problems reading the image, please notify me, I will clarify any doubts [​IMG]