Need help wiring a timer switch

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Purchased a digital timer to control coach lights on house; the switch I want to replace with timer switch controls both a porch light and coach lights by garage. When I removed the cover plate the switch I want to replace with timer switch has 3 black wires connected to it - 2 at the top of switch and 1 at the bottom. I believe the top 2 wires go the fixtures-porch light and coach lights. (Looks like two switches should have been used).
The timer has 4 wires - red, black, white, and green. In order to connect the timer to this configuration, I believe that I should attach the red to the top 2 black wires as one connection, attach the black from the timer to bottom black switch wire, white to all whites and green to all green.
Please let me know if this correct. Normally the red wire would go to just one black; unsure about connecting it to 2 wires. Just wanting to be safe and do it right.
Thanks in advance!