Need help w/ 6V batteries w/ converter and inverter

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I'm new to all this and trying to figure out how to hook up a battery system for my camper trailer.
This is what I'm looking at.....

Generator to AC Breaker box. Box breaks to the outlets and appliances one way and then to a converter/charger another way. From the converter it goes to the battery bank (which would be 2 6V batteries) from the battery bank to an inverter and then back to the AC Breaker Box.

I think that is a good system. But my questions are........

1. Since I'm using 6V batteries does my inverter have to be 6V or because the 2 6V make 12V it should be a 12V inverter?

2. Similar - the converter - should it be 6V or 12V because of the batteries. I'm confused because they will be 6V but be putting out 12V.

3. Plus I'm not even sure how to wire everything at the AC Breaker box.

Please advise.


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# 1, A 12V converter will be easier to obtain than a 6 V one.
Try to find a wiring diagram for an RV, there are a number of variations.
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