Need help verifying an Over Unity Claim seems fairly solid so far...

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This is a rather interesting video involving a supposed replication of the Muller Motor which the guy shows some fairly concrete video on successful over unity able to generate enough power to run itself and generate power to use to power a 20watt bulb as well keep watching it will run in the same manner even when the bulb is connected or when the battery is completely disconnected from the circuit. The video is at the following link...

There is a huge discussion so far there has not been anything negative or that questionable said by anyone which is not normal and the guy is sticking around to answer questions on the build without issues an unusual trait of the traditional scam.

There is a big discussion about it here but I believe we need some certified folks out there to either debunk or prove this thing as the answer to our energy crisis. You can find the discussion here ...

But I will say the odd thing is there hasn't been much trolling on this subject.

Any help could potentially lead to free electric for the world.


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Hey everyone - I just won the European Lottery!

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Oh I'm sorry.

I thought everyone would be happy for me winning the lottery. I'll go over to that free energy web site and see if they are happy for me there.



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