Need help to stop lights from blinking

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Hi, my name's Taras, and I'm a novice so I'm seeking advice from your boards. Hopefully someone will have the time to break it down for me. I bought a set of LED white Christmas lights that I'm using for decoration, and they have a sequencer with a button that cycles through 8 preset blink modes.. of coarse the "steady on" one is last.. so every time I plug them in, I have to cycle through to the last one. I'm planning to embed them into an art project, and wont be able to cycle through to steady on, is there a way to disconnect that entirely? I simply want them to go on and stay on when plugged in.. problem is there's two cords coming out of the outlet to the sequencer, and 4 leaving the sequencer.. any help? you can also email me at <SNIP>

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Ooh, you should remove your e-mail asap. A mod will snip it for you once one comes along, if you don't beat them to it.

It's pretty tough to speculate without knowing what's inside that thing. Any info on make and model might help. It's really the schematic that would help, but that's probably impossible to find. Have you tried opening the case?

The easiest solution may be to eliminate the controller box and replace it with a new "box" that does what you want.