Need help to identify components on the circuit

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Hi there, I am a drone pilot and while soldering new coaxial antennae on my receiver (2.4Ghz) I by mistake removed some electronic stuff which I don't know the name. So I will be going to mobile repair shop to get it repaired but for that I am going to need to identify what is missing so I will post the images IMG_20180109_214150.jpg W-1.jpg mages of before removal of that stuff and after removal. So please help me to identify the missing two components on lower side of pcb.



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How are we supposed to identify a component that is missing? It looks like the surface mount components, which are hard to identify in the blurry photo, moved out of alignment due to overheating. They may or may not have been labelled. It's not even clear whether they are resistors or capacitors or both, let alone what their values are. Your only hope, in my opinion, is to find a schematic or obtain an identical module to study. Even that might be difficult if the components are not labelled, which is likely. But you could at least measure the resistances of the resistors.