Need Help to identify a component.

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Hi. I have a broken car amp, a Hifonics Brutus BX1205D. It´s a 1200W RMS @ 1ohm amp. It had broken (completely burn) switch-trasistors so I replaced them all, and now the amp does power up but directly goes in to Protection mode and makes a really high pitch noise from the switch. So I only run it a few seconds every time. But now I have located the problem. I found 2 broken transistors on the PulseWidthModulator card in the amp (See link for Picture) . I measured it with a oscilloscope, and what suppose to be a square-wave, looks like a 3-year old has been drawing. But the problem now is that I can't find the damn part anywhere. and all that is written on the part is BE RM. and I getting like a million hits on google but I have found none that is related to this yet.
So Please, I would really appreciate the help. If you know who the manufacturer is or if you could point me in the right direction.

Link to the Pic of the transistor:

And sry for the poor English, I'm Swedish.
Thanks alot in advance.


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I think what you have is a BCX55.

Check the datasheet. I think the RM is either the datecode or the manufacturer's location code.