need help to create a name with LED lights

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hi to all,
I need some help,
I want to make a name using LED lights..
And i have abosutely no idea what to do
I am using LED with transparent glass in red and blue colour ( dont know what they are called )
I want to make name " A b h i " with A in blue LED's and Bhi with red LED's...
I am using a on/off switch so that i when i switch the key to on.. I want all the LED to light up.. Using 2 9V battery so plz help me tell me what to do
Plz help me


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Are you trying to pre-place the LEDs on a board so they spell what you want even when turned off, or are you wanting to make this with a scrolling matrix/banner type display?

The first is relatively simple, LED series parallel array wizard. Get LED current and Vf from the datasheet.

The second (scrolling), is not so simple.