Need help to build an multiple sensor input lcd display project.

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I am new to PIC and know a little to be dangerous. But I have a project I wish to build for myself. On a vehicle I will be adding multiple temperature, level, and pressure sensors and maybe some switch input. Then display the data on an LCD display. I would not mind if all data cannot be shown on the screen at one time so scrolling down or to another page will work fine. But would like to display maybe 4 to 6 lines of data. One last feature is an up and down button to select 5 different outputs to activate a simply contact relay coil. So press the up and select output number 2 to be active. Up again for output #3 active. This should always be displayed which output is selected no matter what else is displayed on the LCD. So from here I am looking at a PIC that is very common and capable to do the above. Next what programmer and langauge to use to program PIC with. Even some examples will be of help. I know it is way to big for one to start off with but maybe a PIC that can except multiple inputs and build one input sensor circuit at a time. I would have no issue looking into a predesigned unit that can to made to work as I describe. Even a company that can build this may be my only option or someone intersted in building for me for a job.

As an example:
3 input temperatures
4 level sensors
3 pressure sensors

then display on the LCD
3 temperatures with name of location
4 level sensor of say percent from full to empty of liquid filled tanks
3 pressure of psi with name of location

Thanks for any help or pointers to go to.


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I can understand that automotive modifications topics are restricted. If it is a project that is added to a vehicle and does not affect the manufacturers specifications, I can not see a problem. Rules are rules, I understand that.



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Sorry automotive modifications topics are restricted in AAC.
I think we shall allow this one. As long as we only discuss instrumentation part. And stay away from the actual implementation in a vehicle. To the OP. Why do you want to do all this. Is it some sort of school project

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Yes it is all for monitoring only of non related devices already installed on the vehicle. It will be its own sensors and none of the vehicles sensors. No connection to the OBDII port or to any of the modules through out the GM platform. Not a school project it is mostly just something to make my truck different than any one else plus have all this info in a simply LCD display showing everything I would like to know like actually boost pressure, fuel pressures through the fuel system, remote fuel tanks and the levels of fuel in them, the transfer of the fuel controlled either manually or automatically( not a big thing to be automatically), and varies locations for temperature throughout the intake turbo system to exhaust. I will have to check the link in the other post later so just had a few seconds to thank all that have responded to the post.