Need help, single phase 3 wire motor

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Hi everyone,
I found an old electromotor in my grandmothers garage (belonged to my grandfather) with a nice reduction box on it.
The motor(50W) has 3 wires coming from it(+ground). Could anyone give me a clue on how to wire this thing?
It is a 220V motor so I'm guessing single phase(here in the Netherlans is single phase 230V).
It has 2 yellow wires and one grey wire.
I measured resistance between the yellow and the grey wire; both yellow wires have 267 ohm's between them and the grey.
Between the two yellow wires I measured 533 ohms.
I tried to find some information on this type of motor and found some clue that it might need a capacitor. If this is the case then my question would be to which wires do I connect the capacitor.
Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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It appears to be a single phase cap run motor and as the windings are identical, points to it being easily reversable.
place a cap across the 500Ω windings and feed the neutral to the junction point of the two, grey wire.
Then feed the other power line to eith one of the junctions that has the cap, I will did up the simple diagram for using a SPDT centre off switch for simple control.
The only down side is knowing the value of the motor rated run capacitor.
You could start with a 10μf make sure it is motor rated run.

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