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  1. k.rafa

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    Sep 12, 2012
    can anyone let me know of a voltage regulator which produces a constant 2.5V regulated output when handling input ranging 2.5V-3V. it should be able to deliver around 50mA output current
  2. MikeML

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    Oct 2, 2009
    You are asking for an ULTRA LOW DROPOUT regulator, in fact you are asking for a regulator that has a dropout voltage of ZERO. No such Linear Regulator exists!

    The only way of doing what you ask (2.5V in, 2.5V out) is to use a step-up, step-down switching regulator. Such devices do exist, but they are quite noisy, and complicated.

    Look up "Low DropOut Regulators". Some have dropout voltages as low as 0.1V.
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    Aug 20, 2012
    That does exist, simply go to Linear Technologies website, search "Buck/Boost converter" and place the specs you told us in (I prefer Linear, but millions of these things exist). They have many great options. Depending on your application the noise may not matter. Fixes to noise all ways exist. I just e-mailed them and they sent me a free demo board with samples for a buck/boost and pspice files to test my product before ordering.

    Here isa link to some that may work for your application. List what it is for next time. If you are using this for a ADC reference, the regulator has to be vary specific and not regulate with temperature, etc.!1032_<=2.5!1033_>=3!1147_Adj|2.5!1013_50:150!1105_<=2.5!1034_>=2.5!vinmin_2.5!vinmax_3!vout_2.5!iout_50
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    You don't need the complexity of a switching regulator. The MIC5301 ultra low dropout linear regulator has only about 10mV of drop at 50mA current.
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