Need help running Spice 2G6 in Windows XP

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I'm learning electricity at and am still a beginner.

The lessons make many references to using the program Spice 2G6, which they say needs to be run through Dos.

I know there are many more current versions of Spice, but as I would like to follow the lessons as closely as possible (at least in the beggining) I would like to be able to run Spice 2G6.

My problem is that I have windows XP, and am not very affluent in Dos.

Is there anyone who could explain to me how I would get this running on my machine?



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The problem is that XP don´t have any dos. You can try to use start->run cmd (enter) and then go to the directory you need (use cd "dir you want to go to" and cd.. (to go one level up))

If the program does´t run, you can try to get an old boot-disk with dos and boot from floppy drive. But if you have NTFS file system you won´t be able to get to your disk.