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Iam presently working on projects involving some speech processors. could anybody out there tell me about the speech recognition processors. I've googled exhaustively about these processors but in vain. I've got 2 ICs HM2007, RSC-4128. The HM2007 recognizes independent words of duration 1 SEC OR 2 requirement is almost the same i'll be spelling the word within 1 sec , but if the pronounced word is very short then i need to wait for that one second to be over sothat the system gets ready for the next word to be recognized. From the datasheet i got the info that during recognition the processor will compare the input word with the 40 / 20 word pattern stored in the externally interfaced RAM. The processor allows a microcontroller to change the contents of SRAM connected to it but i feel that once again we have to spell the word for the HM2007 to recognize. They didn't mention about building a continuous speech recognition system with this HM2007. Iam in search of a near continuous speech recognition processor. The input to my system are discrete words but continuous i.e i mean each word will be spelt clearly with some time gap between the adjoining words. And regarding the RSC-4128. tHOUGH HE'D GIVEN SOME CIRCUITS BUILT with RSC-4128 it is not as elaborate as HM2007. Iam ready to store some templates interfaced with memory regardless of the size of it. I don't worry about the complexity of the operation of the processor as long as the datasheet gives everything in detail. I just thought about this, if you'd made phone banking in any banks then the voice recognition system correctly identifies it though it is not continuous speech recognition, iam ready to store some commonly used words pronouncing pattern and compare the input with the template.

The following links helped me a lot in knowing about HM2007.

Please do help me in this regard.

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