Need Help ( Power Based Project )

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I am student of 3rd year B.E ( Industrial Electronics ).I have to made our mini project .Can anyone help me in this regard?

The project should involved power electronics and Digital control like microcontroller or microprocessor.Our Course include the subjects majorly..

Digital Electronics
Measurement & Instrumentation
Control & Automation
Power Electronics and electrical machines
and computer programming etc.

I shall be very greatful to u.

IIEE , Karachi , PAkistan.


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From the list, it sounds like you want us to do your project. Perhaps you could be more specific about what you want to do, and how you might go about it. We can make suggestions based on that.


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I suggest designing and building a self-recharging microprocessor-controlled device which somehow measures and manipulates it's environment.

Example: a mechanism which sits ubiquitously in the corner until someone proclaims "get me a beer." It then ambles, rolls, or flies to the refridgerator, retrieves a brewski, and delivers same to the vicinity of the audible command. It must detect when the beer should be relinquished, relinquish it, and then retrun to it's ubiquitous corner. For extra credit, develop pattern recognition software that can distinguish various brand lables.