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    Sep 30, 2009
    Hi guys..just found your site and am in need of your help if possible.
    I ride a motorcycle and used to have a modulating headlight for the safety aspect of it....worked very well. I have since upgraded my headlights to HIDs and have since found out that you can not modulate them. my problem...I would like to make a modulating bright light to mount underneath my new HID headlights that uses super bright LEDs.
    The law states that a forward facing light can't be an off and on type light it has to modulate and not actually turn off at any time.
    So...can this be done? I really hope so as I am now riding with just the regular HID headlights and am noticing other drivers not seeing me as well now that I haven't got a modualting headlight.

    If you can help me design or make one ...I would be greatly appreciative.

    Thanking you in advance

    I am a mechanical engineering technician and did 1 semester in electronic engineering......sadly my brain needs to see things to totally grasp them....hence the change over to mechanical engineering.

    Sorry for the long winded first post......again..please help...thanks