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    Hi Gurus,
    I'm on a project to make automated door on a machine (chemical wet bench).
    The door is 1mX2.3m PVDF and acrylic material, weighs about 5kgs.
    It is a vertical action door where we need lift it up to open.
    It is already fitted with a metal shaft and gears at both end and conneted to weight bars by chain to assist opening.

    I need to install a motor where with a push of a button, it opens and closes.
    Just a simple 2 directional action.

    What kind of motor do I need to use?
    How do I check the torque compatibility?
    Do I really need a servo or stepper motor/driver assembly to control the speed?

    Kindly advice.
    Thanks a million.:)
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    A lot of people get by with a mechanical limit switch, but you can get as fancy as you want, or need to get. Some doors would be broken by a bit of excess travel, some wouldn't. You have not been clear about this in your question.

    There are many mechanical ways to disengage the motor, including an electrically operated clutch, or a clutch set at a weak amount of friction. A stepper motor can be set with beautiful accuracy. Do you need beautiful accuracy? Do you need high velocity?
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    Sep 27, 2009
    Yes my door can't take excess travel.
    Both velocity and accuracy not critical for my case.
    Moderate to hig torque is essencial at slow speed, say about 3 - 5 inch/sec.