Need help on circuitry: power loss protection circuitry

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    Jan 15, 2012
    Good Day! I would just like to ask for help about the circuitry of this power loss protection circuitry of solid state drive. I've asked this diagram to a reliable source that this is used for standard power loss protection for solid state drive but I cannot find standard circuitry of this around the internet and I would like to have some help about the design. This is a requirement for my manuscript in our school. Thank you for those who will help!

    So, basicallywhen the current reaches 100mA, Switch1 is closed. When the voltage on the voltage monitors detects power loss, it turns on switches 2 and 3 for direct charge from the capacitor and also turns off switch1. I would like to have help in simulating this block diagram through knowing the circuitry for this. Thank you again! :D
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