Need Help On Air Blower

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i'm currently looking ahead to build a project which consists of a BLOWER UNIT which will blow air at high speed so what can i use as the BLOWER in my project ? you know any blowers,fans which i can make use of ? pls provide the part information if possible ...............thanx in advance.


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a little more info on your project might help in providing helpful and more relevant ideas.
blowers work at higher pressure and power than fans, so what is it fans ,blowers or perhaps compressor? u might find a lot of appliances /machines having such components which might serve ur purpose, may be u wont have a vacuum cleaner by tomorrow :D


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Jamicon might have what you need. Google for Jamicon fans. These are heatsink fans (used in active heatsinks). Nevertheless, I think that you won't get much power with these!