Need help making a circuit :(

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Hello guys

I am really new to circuits and i am not stupid, (although i may seem it to you guys). I need help to make a circuit that has 100ma of current going through it, i dont mind the voltage. And the circuit must be powered by a battery of any type. I know this may seem ridicoulsly easy to you guys but i am very new to this and have no idea on how to do this. Could someone pleaseeeeee explain how i may do this.


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A 1.5V alkaline battery cell makes a current of 100mA when it is new and when the resistance of the load is 1.5V/100mA= 15 ohms.
A 9V alkaline battery makes a current of 100mA for a few minutes when it is new and its load resistor is 9V/100mA= 90 ohms.
The simple calculation is called Ohm's Law.