need help learning hspice

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    Sep 17, 2011
    we are required to use hspice in class but we aren't really being taught by the teacher ( just goes around giving lab exercises ), so i've just been trying to learn it myself.

    In this simple netlist, i'm trying to get the graph of Ids - Vds. But it seems that the graph i'm getting is wrong.. can someone tell me what's wrong with my code. it's supposed to give a single curve that is increasing exponentially, not multiple decreasing curves. btw, i'm using the 2008 version of hspice..


    .option post probe

    M1 vdd vdd 0 0 nch l=0.6u w=0.18u
    Vds vdd 0 1.8

    .dc Vds 0 2 0.1
    .probe im1(M1)