Need help in the design of a 2 stage Cascade Amp and 5 Band Equalizer

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    Jul 22, 2008
    Hello guys, ive been spending two weeks already in trying to come up with a design that will meet the following parameters. This is due today and so far none of us have the design. I hope somebody here could shed light and help me out. We have no background in design.. Here are the parameters..

    1.Design a 2 stage cascaded BJT/FET Amplifier w/ a bandwidth ranging from 30Hz to 30kHz. The total gain of the Amp is 800

    2. Design a 5 band equalizer amplifier. The specific bands are as follows:

    10Hz;500Hz;1.2kHz;3kHz;12kHz The gain should be 10dB

    This is our project for the prelims in Computer Applications. We were not taught in circuit designing. I hope somebody can help me..
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