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hina gohar1302

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I am designing charge controller for 12V battery through solar panel.Initially I am using DC source instead of PV panel in PSIM 9.3 32 bit trial version.Charge controller is basically step up capacitor based boost converter which is voltage doubler.Simulation of voltage doubler has been done in PSIM correctly..but problem is now to maintain fixed 14V at converter output irrespective of input as this converter has to charge battery at constant 14V.One control technique is through variable duty cycle of switches through PWM;in which output of converter will be compared to fixed 14V reference voltage and comparator generates error signal which will then be compared to sawtooth signal which provides pulse width or PSIM but result not correct..whatever I applied on input same thing appear on voltage regulation occuring.
Please correct errors in this circuit if any and guide.I am attaching jpg file of both converter one without voltage regulation and other with voltage regulation but it's result not correct.



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Just a thought. Have you checked the achievable variation in DC output voltage range vs switching source duty cycle in the unregulated version? The adjustable output range may not be compatible with PWM control.


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I'm not familiar with PSIM (I use LTspice), but what are the voltage supply settings for the opamps and inverter in the first pic?

Tom Vic

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Hi Hina,
You can use a sawtooth waveform generator for solving this problem,
and one more thing is that, in your second diagram, the closed loop operation rather than using a differential amplifier mode, if you can use a transfer function by defining the output to duty ration small singal transfer funciton, you can do it better i hope, i am send the visuals please see them,
. Still if doubt persist, can contact back.

U can contact, if needed.
In this paper in fig 2 primary and secondary turns of the coupled inductor are isolated can any one guide me how to connect this ciruit in PSIM...

Tnx in advance..