need help in "poduction testing and control", (ECE thesis)

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i have a baby thesis about production testing and control, the problem is, i dont know much about that area except that it's about the Quality Assurance / Quality Control Department in a manufacturing company.. :confused:

i am required to come up with a topic under production testing and control (anyone got an idea?), and to make innovations from an existing system.. i'm supposed to provide a ladder diagram, a block diagram, and a schedule of loads, too.. :(

can any one help me with these? :)

any help that will be provided will be much appreciated.. ;)

thank you!


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What is Quality Control?

The above link might help you. The Test Engineer writes the test procedure and designs the test equipment to test the circuit. The Quality Control department ensures that the test procedure and equipment will actually uncover problems in a circuit. Sometimes this is accomplished by breaking a connection or removing a component from the circuit and then verifying that the test fails when performed as written in the test procedure. After the test procedure is approved by the Quality Control department, the production test technician performs the test procedure and troubleshoots any problem detected.