need help in PMSG parameters calculation

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My research area is on wind energy conversion system and one of my contribution is to implement an adaptive maximum power point tracking algorithm which needs the output power of the PMSG to be very smooth. I have used a rectifier for smoothing, however, because the parameters of the PMSG are suggested randomly and maybe they are impractical, I coud not get a smoothen power. I have tried to get a typical values for the PMSG generators from the papers but I haven't found one close to my ratings. They are either for high speed low power PMSG or low speed high power PMSG. My ratings are: 2KW 200RPM 35N/m 100V. My question is how to calculate the parameters of the PMSG based on this rating. The required parameters are stator resistance, direct and mutual inductances, and the flux linkage and number of poles. If I want to use a simplified model of the PMSG, I'll need the voltage and torque constants which they are also unknown. Please if you can help me by directing me to a good source or highlighting some tips, I'll be grateful for you.
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