need help in my subjects -> electonics and circuits and logic gates

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pls reply links that would help me a lot to easy understand and learn about those subjects of mine....
thanx in advance....
i would really appreciate of your replies..


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anak, doesn't your school library have any electronics books for you to read and research?

you have to be specific as to what you want to be expounded so other members can help out.:)



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all about basics on those subjects..
OK, here is the problem. Most of the stuff on the web is of poor quality when it comes to helping people easily understand the basics. If you have posted on this forum then you know it is attached to a site with a great deal of introductory material. There are missing sections however because it is a work in progress.

With a better idea of what you are looking for or having trouble with we can address those specific questions in a forum post. To write whole chapters as forum posts would be imprctical.


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So for now I think the AllAboutCircuits website should have more than enough material to help you easily understand the concepts and applications of those four devices. Am I correct in that assessment?