need help in moving message display using Matrix LEDs(8 bit)

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Hi All

need help in moving message display using Matrix LEDs(8 bit)

First I need to build a prototype...
Please help me for this circuit...


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Hello Jon, here is a simple 8x8 LED Matrix circuit I use. This is a scrolling LED matrix, it uses a 4017 Decade(Johnson) Counter to "Scan" the columns, and the pic controls the rows, you can also download this application I made called the Font Generator >> , this will help convert text messages to hexadecimal values you need.

You can easily make an 8x10 display with one 4017, I have made a 5x20 display using 2 4017's and 1 Pic16F84. I am not sure what uc you will be using, you should be able to replace the pic16f84a with any uc you choose.

Since the 4017 has 10 outputs, you will have to keep track of the clock pulses, once it reaches 8 you will have to reset the 4017 to start back at column 1, or you can tie the 9th output to the reset input to automatically reset the counter (this could free up 1 more I/O on your uc).

Video of 8x8 LED Matrix >>

Video of 5x20 Display >>

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I will see if I can dig it up somewhere... its been a while since I did that project I might even have the assembly code I used.... it was based on a PIC16F84A uc, but I am sure it can be used on any other pic of choice since the 84A was limited in memory size so your messages (1 or 2) are limited in length..... I also created a font editor for converting typed text into the hex code needed for the display and other LED based projects....


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i am building GSM based display board with the help of philips P89C51RD2BN microcontroller & RS232 GSM module. I want to write a program for micro controller. But i don't know how to write it. If you have any such a ready program please send me. so that i burn it into microcontroller. There are atleast three interfacing circuits, MAX232 with microcontroller, LCD display with micro controller & MAX232 with GSM modem