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need links to:

1. 8086 based smart scale
2. 8086 based temperature control system
3. TMS 320 series DSP
4. power PC 601
5. microcontroller based temperature monitor and control system.
6. microcomputer development system.
7. M 88000 and PA - RISC

there is a problem too if any one can solve it.

Design an input port using SSI devices(eg. Latches, buffers etc) interface the 8 bit port with 8086 CPU and assign the address 85H to it. Draw the interface diagram and explain. Is it possible to have an output port with the same address? Justify your answer.


write an assembly language program to input key strokes from keyboard, check if the key pressed corresponds to a valid ASCII character, add 1 to the ASCII value and then display it on the system video monitor using BIOS interrupt 10h, service 0eh. (hint: Bios interrupt 16h, service 0 reads a key stroke and stores the ascii code (for valid ASCII keys) or 0 (for non-ASCII keys) in AL).
if a non ascii key like a function key is pressed, the program should end and return control to MS-Dos. Otherwise the program should continue to accept key strokes indefinitely.


given 4.nos. of 64K X 8 sram chips. Construct an appropriate memory space and interface it with 8086. Draw the interface diagram and explain. What is the size of the momory space and its address space?

any help would suffice!
thanks in advance