Need help in making portable home security system


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Keeping our homes safe is the main purpose of the security systems. Our homes and private places should always be protected. They are places we do not want that to have unwanted trespassers breaking into. Whether you use a complicated or portable system, the main purpose should not be forgotten.
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I meant 'portable' because we can carry it around a particular area and keep it wherever we like and so the intruder can't know where it is kept.....:)


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anyone know how to keep an alarm triggered until it is reset?? Any circuit diagram ?? Plz help....
You haven't given a lot of parameters for your project, so help is a little difficult. But you can keep the alarm triggered until you remove the power (reset) by using a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) in the circuit.


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Actually you want the security system both secure and not portable, unless you want the thieves to steal it.

My brother build a perfectly functional home security system using a Commodore 64 with the joysticks as the inputs. This isn't as difficult as you seem to think. Most sensors are simple switches, you can use foil on the windows, if the glass breaks the foil is broken, magnetic reed switches on doors and window seals. Even high tech sensors usually put out a digital signal. After that a simple sound device, such as a siren or a loud buzzer, to sound the alarm. Avoid sonalerts, while loud they are also easy to block, high sound frequencies usually are.

The difficult part is determining where to put the sensors, and what type. You need to diagram the house. If this is a school project then pick a house for the hypothetical exercise, draw it out, then pick your sensor set.

In the real world it is an exercise in making your house look less attractive than your neighbors, sad to say.

Setting one up really is not that difficult, just work.


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I've had a 'portable' home security system for many years. They are made by Smith and Wesson, Remington, Colt and many other manufacturers