Need help in locating a pcb designer or layout service company

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Hi guys,
I am currently doing a project for my undergrad systems control course. And I need a pcb produced. however, I have no experience in pcb design and layout. So far, I have only the schematics and parts ready, and is looking for companies that can design the board for me from my schematics, produce the boards and assemble it for me.
is it possible someone know any company that can do this for me? I am considering this guy, <snip>; but hoping for more choices.
Many thanks.
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You came very close to be banned, as our policies on spam are firm. Please do not repeat this, next time it will happen.

As to other vendors, if they post publically, they will be banned too. They can, of course, contact you via PM or email.

How I make PCBs
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