Need help in designing LED automotive circuit board

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    Oct 3, 2006
    Here is the scenario. It is an LED design for an automotive 12v DC application. I have used LED Dynamics Buck Pucks in the past to feed 1 Lux III. I am having too many problems with them, so we need to design something new. Here are the problems

    -They are causing FM interference in some cars due to we think..the switching frequencey
    -The LED is blinking in some cars when the ignition is turned on, this needs to be fixed
    -Too expensive for our application

    So, I want a driver that will
    -Power 1 Lux III at 900-1000ma(TBD) from 12v DC
    -We want to design the circuit board to fit into our device(we have diagrams, but it needs to be a 32mm circle)
    -Have no FM interference
    -Will keep the LED at the same brightness for a long period of time
    -Have no "flickering" issues
    -be able to meet our budget

    Does anyone have any ideas who can help design/make these. We want around 500-1000 of them. I spoke with George @ TaskLED we are looking for other people that can help!

    Does anyone have any idea whats causing the flickering and FM issue?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.