need help in designing circuit of smart parking

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hey guys am working on this mini project smart park i saw its video thus i want to design its circuit for the task we have been given in class.
its concept is that in the parking area only 8 cars in total can be parked, it will let up to 8 cars to enter the parking space. once the paking is full, the system will not allow more cars to enter. the gate will allways open for cars that want to get out( we will press the s witch there then the gate will open). the system will count and show the number of cars that are in the parking space.
and when 8 cars are already parked again you press the switch the gate wont open.
if can help me in choosing components and making circuit I will be thankful( off course we will need a motor for gate some IC, an LCD for displaying number, a sensor( which on will be better? at the gate we can use photo diodes)and?
thanks have a nice day.